Strength Training Routine Template

This is the standard template for strength training routines.
Before making changes to this template, please discuss in the forums. Otherwise, your changes may be reverted.
This template is only a guideline. You may need to change up the format a bit for your routine.


Basic description of the workout routine. Is it for beginner, intermediate, or advanced lifters? Who created it? Is it a whole body or split routine? Does it come from a book or another web site?


What is the purpose of this routine? What is it designed to accomplish? Strength? Bulk? Sports conditioning?


Exercises Sets Reps %1RM
? ? ? ?

Training Protocol

  • Go to failure or not?
  • How much time between sets?
  • Supersets? Pyramiding?
  • Other special instructions?

Training Schedule

  • How many/which days per week?
  • Does it change after so many days/weeks?
  • How many rest days?
  • How many weeks/months to do routine?
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