Vince Gironda Beginner Workout


Vince Gironda was called the "trainer to the stars" because his gym was in Hollywood and also the "Iron Guru". This workout comes from his book Unleashing the Wild Physique. It was designed for use in his gym, so it is very heavy on cable and machine exercises. Very little free weights are employed.


The purpose of this workout (in combination with a sensible diet plan) is to get beginners and out-of-shape individual into shape as quickly as possible. (The Hollywood studios would send actors to Vince giving him very little time to get them in shape before a movie began shooting.)


Exercises Reps Sets
Decline Pulley Hug 12 1-3
Short Pulley Row 12 1-3
Lateral Raise 10 1-3
Triceps Pushdown 10 1-3
Barbell Body Drag Curl 10 1-3
Seated Wrist Curl 12 1-3
Leg Extension 12 1-3
Leg Curl 12 1-3
Calf Heel Raise 20 1-3
Bent Knee Leg Raise 20 1-3
Table Crunch 10 1-3
Double-up 10 1-3

Training Protocol

  • One set per exercise for the first week, 2 the second week, and three there after.
  • Change the exercises to avoid boredom and continue progress (you'll need the book to see what other exercises he recommends and why).
  • The last three exercises (the abdominal exercises) should only be done by overweight individuals, increasing the reps by 10 each week.

Training Schedule

  • Six days per week. (Yes, Vince actually recommended beginners workout that often.)
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