Steve Reeves Classic Physique Routine

by Don Howell

I bought a copy of Steve Reeves training book
"Building The Classic Physique" due to I am interested in how the past
champions trained before steroids, etc.. Not to mention I believe
Reeve's physique is indeed the ideal (at least
IMO). Anyways, he writes that he did a 2 1/2
hour WHOLE BODY routine 3 days a week,
usually M,W,F. He also writes that he did not stop a set until he could
not perform another rep. 3 sets each of 21(!!) exercises per 3 x weekly
workout! Whewww! Anyone have an opinion on how the bodybuilders of the
past could do such LONG workouts 3 x weekly and be able to train each
bodypart with enough intensity? Not to mention being able to RECOVER in
48 hours for the next whole body routine? Reeves also wrote that he ate
3 meals daily! 3!! Usually a protein drink in the AM, a protein source
and some fruit at lunch, and a 1/2 pound of protein source along with a
salad, etc., at evening meal. 3 MEALS!!?? Now I'm thinking if he could
build a body of his caliber
on such a simple system (of course, a 2 1/2 hr
workout isn't simple!) and diet, why are we training 3,4,5 days a week
split systems, eating 6,7,8 meals daily, supplements galore and etc.?
From his writings, etc., Reeves appears to be a man of integrity so I
don't doubt his honesty at all. It just seems infathomable that a person
could gain a quality physique on this system!!
Anyone have any insights about this?
Thank you for your help.


P.S: Just finished watching the movie HERCULES with Reeves in the
starring role.
It was great even with the poor dubbing! LOL

source: newsgroup posting, 2000/01/31.

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