Legendary Abs 'demystified'
>This may seem like a dumb question, but here goes...If the Legendary Abs routine
>is SOOO successful and effective then why isn't it common knowledge?  If you
>purchase the document are you supposed to be sworn to secrecy?  :-)

>Anyway, people that have used the program - how is it different that my normal
>routine of crunches of various flavours?  I am considering sending for this
>book, but I am unsure how it is different from what I do right now...

Actually, the method that Legendary Abs promotes is not new, nor
is it particularly revelatory.  I have seen programs very similar to
it in magazines like Men's Fitness (sometime in the spring of this year).

Legendary Abs is just a set of progressively difficult ab routines
utilizing the giant set approach.  Health for Life just sells this
method as a 'synergetic' approach to ab training.  Giant sets
are just a series of super sets, with very little (or no) rest between
excersizes.  For example, a typical giant set might be
    10 hanging leg raises
    5  hanging knee raises
    (15 second rest)
    5  hanging leg raises
    5  hanging knee raises
    30 lying 6" leg raises
    (10 second rest)
    25 lying 6" leg raises
    35 bent-knee half sit-ups (i.e., 'ab cramps')
    20 crunches

Apart from the 15s and 10s breaks, you do every excersize without a rest.
The 'synergistic' bit about all this is that you work lower abs first,
and work your way 'up' your stomach until, with crunches, you just work
the muscles just around the bottom of the rib cage.  The premise is that
lower abs can't be isolated, whereas upper abs can be isolated.  So, by
doing 'lower ab' excersizes first, you pre-exhaust the upper abs, and,
after completing the routine, you have mercilessly and completely blasted
your entire stomach.  ...And all in under 6 minutes.

No miracles, just a logical approach to stomach training.

>The other thing is, this company advertises its Rotator Cuff Solution.  Anybody
>done this one?  Mine are giving me a bit of grief and I want to stop it asap.

I think IronMan reviewed the Rotator Cuff Solution last issue.  From what
I remember, they said it was OK.  Apparently upright rows are real nasty
on cuffs.

How about Health for Life's calve routine?  Anybody used it?
I'm hesitant to spend $14.95 on a booklet of routines that have existed
for a long time and are just repackaged with the neat-o label 
'synergism applied to calve training'.


source: misc.fitness newsgroup, 9 Nov 1992.

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