Periodized Workout Routine for Basketball

This workout routine was suggested by Keith Hobman on newsgroup, 12 Oct 2001.
It has been edited somewhat to combine two different postings.

As I recall your a basketball player as well as a lifter and a pretty
big guy.

Your objective is to get stronger in the big three [squat, bench and deadlift] and improve your
vertical as well as keep healthy. Given that you are doing lots for your
endurance I don't get the high rep weeks. They don't do much for the
ATP/CP path [very short term, anaerobic energy source] and can disrupt neural adaption.

I also don't like the jump squat to increase vertical. IMO the box squat
is a much better lift. But even better yet - drop squats to a snatch or
doing full cleans instead of power cleans. Why not get that stretch reflex

So I would go this way instead.

Sunday - Squat, speed bench, clean to front squat.

Tuesday - Deadlift, drop squat to snatch, push press.

Thursday - Box squat, bench, row.

This would have you working strength and speed/strength every workout. The
redundancy of the lat/pulldown and row is eliminated. Personally I think
the power clean is okay, but if you want vertical full clean with an
explosive squat out is the way to go.

Go very light - never give up bar speed for more weight. I'd make
myself some bands out of bungy cords and use them to prevent the bar from
flying up at the end of the squat.

If the drop squat to snatch feels awkward on the knees do a drop to a
split snatch potion of simply do a split snatch.

Vary the sets and reps over a 4 week period for base and then do a peaking
routine, increasing intensity and dropping load. Do no more than 5 reps in
the base and no more than 3 in the peaking per set. Reduce rest between

I love the classic wave protocol. I also like Chernyak's loading scheme.
This scheme uses Medeveevs (sp?) wave and Chernyak's loading scheme. I use
it based on 21,000 reps over 50%1RM per year.

So, say you are doing 9,000 reps at over 50%1RM per year. I'd make up four
workouts - a 4 week 'base' which is done 6 times per year. a 5 week 'peak'
which is done 3 times per year. A three week 'transition' which is done 3
times per year. And a 3 week or two week 'test' which is done in the
off-season instead of a 'peak'. Or simply take the extra 3 weeks off (four
weeks off per year instead of 1. I only take off Christmas week myself
since I love the gym.)

your four week base looks like this:

Week Reps Intensiveness
1 265 medium
2 176 medium
3 212 low
4 176 medium

your five week 'peak cycle' looks like this

Week Reps Intensiveness
1 176 medium
2 115 high
3 265 high
4 106 medium
5 62 low (but go to 1RM after two easy days)

your transition cycle

Week Reps Intensiveness
1 106 medium
2 212 low
3 115 high

your mini-test cycle

Week Reps Intensiveness
1 176 medium
2 265 medium
3 115 high

For me low intensivness is an average of 64% for all reps over 50%. Medium
delivers an average of 68% and high about 72%.

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