Don Ross Foundation Building 2 Routine


This intermediate whole body workout routine is from the book "Muscleblasting!" by Robert Kennedy and Don Ross.


The Foundation Building 2 Routine is "… designed to widen and thicken your basic structure."


Exercises Sets Reps
Chinning bar hang
Lat Machine Pulldowns 3 8
Breathing Squats & Breathing Pullovers Superset 3 20
Half Squats 2 8
Standing Calf Machine 3 15
Barbell Bench Presses 3 6
Bench Presses to Neck 3 6
Incline Flyes 3 8
Barbell Presses Behind Neck 3 6
Deadlift Shrugs 3 10
Dumbell Curls 3 6
Dumbell Tricep Presses 3 8
Weighted Sit-Ups 3 10
Chinning bar hang

Training Protocol

  • Chinning bar hang - take wide grip and hang as long as grip holds
  • "Breathing" exercises should be done with light weight
  • Do half squats with as much weight as possible
  • Reduce weight by 20 lbs before the bench press to the neck
  • Use this routine for at least two months (and as long as it gets results) before going on to a more advanced split routine
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