Bulgarian Routine Variations

Here are two routines gleaned from misc.fitness.weights:

From: Kerry Drake <dra…@worldlynx.net>
Subject: Bulgarian-type Routine-Opinions?
Date: 1998/06/27

I've been doing this type of routine for 13 weeks, and its been working
great so far. Basically you train this way:
1) high frequency -working bodyparts 3-4 X per week
2) high reps usually 10-15
3) low sets 3-4 per bodypart
4) basic exercises mostly free weights, BB and DB
5) timed rest periods 3 weeks with 60-90 sec between sets, then 3weeks
with 2-3min rest, alternating
6) keep workouts to 45 min
I'm staying about the same weight, but lost about 3 inches on my
waist(down about 3% BF). When I drop down to sets of 8-10reps during
different cycles, my weights are all significantly higher than before I
started this plan. (I'm an experienced lifter, too-about 15 years on and
off, more on than off). It sort of flies in the face of convention
(heavy wt, low reps ,long rest periods, bodyparts 1-2X per week) but it
seems to work well for me. Also, lots of nagging joint pains have
disappeared, even given the high frequency of workouts/week Anyone else
used this type of routine? If so, what type of results have you gotten?
e-mail replies, too. Thanks

From: Roy G Bowen <r…@brankate.flexnet.co.uk>
Subject: Re: Bulgarian-type Routine-Opinions?
Date: 1998/06/29

I used a Bulgarian workout about 7 or 8 years ago and it worked great
for me. I'm not sure if it's the same program, though. The one I did
had you working out 3 times a day, every day but Sunday, covering your
entire body in 2 days. You trained 10-12 reps on Monday and Tuesday
with strickly dumbell type isolation movements. You trained 8-10 reps
on Wednesday and Thursday with a combination of dumbell and barbell
exercises. Then you trained Friday and Saturday 6-8 reps with strickly
barbell exercises. You couldn't train longer than 45 minutes per
session. The key to this program was to eat a lot of food. Usually
around 4,000 calories or more to supply enough throughout the day. You
protein loaded on Wednesday and Saturday.

I used this program while in college. I slept a lot! I gained size,
and a lot of strength, but added much fat as well. I was younger and
didn't know about the types of food I was supposed to eat.

I think if you control to food intake the right way, the program will
work wonders for you. I used this program for 4 months and saw
tremendous results.

And as for overtraining, it never happened. I always felt fresh and
strong when I went into the gym and I never lost focus. I stopped using
the program because I got a job and didn't have enough time to do it!

Hope this helps

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