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Getting Stronger

Bill Pearl is a bodybuilding legend, but this book was written to appeal to a wide audience, including athletes training for a variety of sports and people who just want to get in shape.

Hardcore Bodybuilding

Author Dr. Fred Hatfield is a true expert in the fields of power lifting and bodybuilding. His methods are not the easiest to grasp. Workout schedules are complicated. However, the dedicated lifter prepared for a challenge will not be disappointed.


Author Don Ross, an accomplished bodybuilder and professional wrestler, provides a treasure trove of workout routines and techniques.

Unleashing the Wild Physique

Strength training legend Vince Gironda's book, now out of print, contains strength training secrets that you may not learn anywhere else. Gironda was ahead of his time with ideas like low carb dieting. You will not be disappointed by this book.

Keys to the Inner Universe

Presents Bill Pearl's personal philosophy on bodybuilding along with a huge encyclopedia of almost every known weight lifting exercise.

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