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"Welcome to Exercise 101. I will be your instructor. Class is now in session."

I will be starting at a very basic level for the first few posts in
order to define some key terms involved. In this post, I will adress
certain basic principles involved in all types of exercise (no, not the
damn Weider principles).

This is the second part of my intro to basic exercise.
Today, I will focus in a little more specifically on weight
training and on some of the terminolgy involved.

Now that I've sort of covered most of the necessary
info to start a program of aerobic exercise, let me turn my
attention more toward resistance training.

This time, I will be continuing my
intro to weight training with a further discussion of optimal
rep ranges having laid the groundwork with a rather boring
discussion of muscle fiber types.

This time I would like to address the choice of machines
versus free weights for the beginning weight trainer.

In this section, I will try to bring everything together by
discussing exercise selection, order, and how to design a workout.

So, let's put it all together. A possible workout routine might look like this.

The intention of this article is to present the most effective training principles in a simple and clear fashion. Ideas presented include progressive overload, nutrition, and much more. You will see results by following these basic concepts.

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Aleck summarizes an article by Eric Zorn who was writing for The Chicago Tribune that talks the use of plyometrics, olympic lifts, and other techniques to increase verticle jump.


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