A Quick Tip To Reduce Hand And Wrist Pain - For Roughly A Penny!

By Matt Mc Dermott

One of the problems a lot of weight trainees encounter is hand cramping and wrist pain due to gripping the bar over the years. If a particular weight trainee also works in front of a computer using a traditional mouse then the problem can be exacerbated. While Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and comparable conditions warrant prompt medical attention, here is one trick which may help relieve some of the pain while you are at home or at the office.

Before starting, make a fist right now and feel the muscle which contracts in your forearm. Do the same thing with gripping a baseball bat, using your computer's mouse, typing, using lawn tools, or lifting heavy objects. You will notice that the same muscle is working all the time. Also notice that the muscles near the back side of your forearm/elbow area are getting minimal work. This overuse can intensify any conditions you have.

Here is something you can do today: take a thick rubber band (which costs about a penny) which you would get at any office supply store. Pinch your fingers together and put the rubber band around your fingertips in a manner which is rather loose. SLOWLY expand your fingers to the point where you feel the back side of your forearm muscles getting some work. If you do this a few times at your computer, at home, at the office, etc. you may start to feel lessened pain in the forearm area. Over time you will notice more of a balance between the muscle groups in your forearm and, hopefully, lessened pain.

If this causes pain, cease it immediately. Of course, any suggestion here is obviously null & void if your physician recommends something else or says that this particular recommendation is not appropriate for you. And, as it has to be said, the disclaimers on the MetroflexGymTraining.com website apply here. Consider this technique, and hopefully it will lessen any pain so that you can lift weights pain-free!

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