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by Lyle McDonald

Hi all. I have been posting over on for lack of
anywhere better up until this point. However, in email, someone
told me about and suggested that I place some posts
over here. The little I've seen here impresses me a lot more than
a lot of the crap over on a.s.d, which is filled to a great degree
people exhorting OptiSlimFastWatchers whatever in a feeble
attempt to lost weight. So, my posts generall concerned why
dieting alone cannot result in long term fat loss and why exercise
is truly the only solution. Although I will probably still post over
on a.s.d, I imagine I will spend more of my time here as it may be
more productive. (As an aside, most of the people I corresponded
with on a.s.d were appreciative of my help and had not bitten into
the diet industries b.s.).
One thing I frequently notice in subs like this ( and out in the real
world as well) is the profound lack of good beginner advice. The mags
are filled with pictures of athletes who shall we say have been
pharmaceutically aided for the most part. So, I would like to start
with a series of posts on general fitness information for the
rank beginner. I also have posts available on topics such as
bodyfat measurement and thermogenesis as well as dieting. If
anyone would like copies, please feel free to ask. I'm currently
trying to figure a way to get these posts archived or something
because I'm a bit lazy sometimes. Also, as I post more info, it gets
progressively harder to send copies of all my posts through email.
Before I get started, let me introduce myself. My name is Lyle
and I recently graduated with a degree in Kinesiology with an
emphasis on exercise and nutrition. I have been involved in fitness
for many years and am a competitive cyclist and rollerblader. I'm
such an exercise geek that I frequently spend my time in the local
biomedical library looking up research articles about all aspects
of training and sports nutrition. So, if you've got any questions about
supplements, I may be able to shed some light. I realize that not
everyone will agree with what I say. This is good. There are few
hard rules when it comes to exercise and what works for one person
may very well not work for another, especially at the intermediate
and advanced levels. However, the moajority of beginners will benifit
from basically a cookie-cutter type of standard workout regimen.
So, to make a long story short, Welcome to Exercise 101. I will be
your instructor. Class is now in session.


source: newsgroup, 23 Nov 93.
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